About Me



Thank you for visiting my success blog. My name is Rada Gaynullina and I am the founder of this site.

What is this blog about?

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge, experience and successful stories of the most acknowledged and accomplished players in various industries interviewed personally by me. This blog  will highlight valuable insights and perspectives from business leaders who have applied their gifted expertise towards leadership and ultimate success.

A few personal facts about myself:

  • Born in the Former Soviet Union, also lived in Russia, and the American Midwest and Northeast. Currently reside in the beautiful South Florida region.
  • Passionate about international business, traveling and learning about different cultures.
  • Work in consulting industry assisting global clients in improving their logistics and global trade activities; specifically, toward export/import compliance.
  • Active athletics and the fine arts;  tennis to professional dancing, piano and hobby photography.
  • Fluent English and Russian background with study in French.
  • Inspirational, leadership and motivational reading.
  • Continuing education and professional development.
  • Guiding conviction towards “the impossible is possible.”

Some of my achievements:  

  • Two graduate degrees between International Business (USA) and International Trade Economics and Management (Russia).
  • Authored various articles on global trade and international economics.
  • Self-starter and entrepreneur.

My professional portfolio is listed on my LinkedIn page:  

Rada Gaynullina LinkedIn profile

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