“Porsche…there is no substitute” – Ferdinand Porsche

I thought I would make an exception and re-post my own article featured in the Die Porsche Kassette magazine from August 2019 where I share my story of how I’ve discovered my passion for Porsche.

By Rada Gaynullina

It was May 2016 when I discovered, much to my joy, my hidden passion for sports cars and the feeling of freedom behind my 1st Porsche. We always remember our firsts, in my case ‘she’ was a white 2015 Boxster.  While it was comparatively yesterday, it feels like a lifetime regained by the performance, handling and driver centric experience behind the Porsche’s steering wheel. The Boxster took my breath away and accelerated my daily driver experience to a completely new level, seemingly unmatched by the other OEMs.

Being a true believer in the quality of German manufacturing and engineering, my passion for cars has evolved over the years starting with VW Beetles and EOSs – models I could rely on in all-weather driving conditions and still balance between horsepower and handling for that spirited driving experience we all crave on occasion. Although I loved my last VW, I was looking for an unparalleled driving experience that would combine a style and authenticity of a brand along with strong mechanical features embracing power, reliability and premium sound system. After months of auto market research and multiple test drives, I found everything I was searching for – in my Porsche.

I have now owned two Porsches since 2016 – my newest the 718 model, an upgraded version of my previous mid-engine roadster. The turbocharged 718, coupled with its sleeker aerodynamic profile and her twin cargo compartments (critical needs for a female driverJ), finalized my decision on this modern 718 legend. Her colors also personify my identity from her white exterior extolling tranquility, while the red interior express the color of life and passion for speed. All in all, the white and red I saw as analogies to Porsche’s brand ethic of balancing power to the driver experience.

I would like to express my special thanks to Porsche West Broward for their expertise and support exploring the features of my own car, Atlanta Porsche Experience Center for offering a best in class experience (and cool brand female attire!), Exotic Car Society for some memorable events and gatherings, and of course, Porsche Club of America in Miami – for connecting me with the communities throughout the world, sharing the love for Porsche!

My journey with Porsche has only began and I am yet to explore and embrace so many more experiences. There are at least three more items on my bucket list that I am hoping to check off in a near future: tour the Porsche production factory in Leipzig (and may be even pick up my new ride at first hand J), visit the Stuttgart Porsche museum, and go through driving certification program offered by Porsche experience centers.

I never knew that my Porsche dream one day turn into reality and every day enjoyment. However, one thing I never doubt myself about was the determination and courage I had to pursue it…

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