LPM Training Founder on Core Sales Rules

Louis-Pierre background

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and create a future I’m 100% responsible for. I like to have an impact on my world and in my community and having my own business was a dream I had. In the past, I worked in sales for different companies, in B2C, B2B, door to door, and so on. I worked very hard and in most of them I finished 1st in sale for the entire province several times. I didn’t really “choose” to create my company and start doing sales training at 22 years old.

In august 2015, a company here in Quebec had trouble with their sales. They wanted something that could help them reinforce the sales skills of their sales representatives so they could close more deals, faster and would be able to re-engage lost opportunities. So, I went for a first meeting, and then at the end of the second meeting, it was the start of what would become LPM Training. At that time, it wasn’t called LPM Training; it was just me I and I didn’t really have a “company”.

After this first company, I decided to help other people so I took few contracts and helped people. I had a lot of things in my life going on so I wasn’t doing it “full time”. In September 2016, I decided to go “all in” and the business really exploded in a huge growth! I can help large companies that are Canada Wide to self-employed people working in the financial field.

In one sentence, I have a platform over the internet that provides sales training to help people become better in sales, to close more sales more rapidly, and all of that with a vision that each salesman should be ethical, moral, and legal in their way of acting.

Tell us more about the sales platform you have developed.

It’s a platform over the internet where people can go and watch videos to improve their sales skills. The platform is in French. It is developed in 7 segment which are: The right Mentality, How to Prospect, How to do a killer Presentation, How to Close, How to do Follow-Up, How to Handle Objection, and How to Trigger References from your clients.

We use a new method that in our experience has been found highly successful here in the Quebec market. We are sensitive to the reality that many are not receptive to salespersons or direct solicitation. However, there are methods to compel customers into being receptive towards solutions to their problems. As I always say throughout my sales training videos, the less you look like a salesman, the more you will sell. That’s the first rule of sales. The goal is using certain, commanding word patterns that appeal to the customer while not sounding like sales pitches.

How did you come up with the platform sales content?

First of all, it’s my experience that made me finish 1st in several companies. But really, I had the chance to be around two really successful people in my life – both my grandfathers. One of them was the President and Chairman of the Board of Imperial Tobacco. He was very successful in his career. He imparted upon me tremendous knowledge on how to run a business, selling to people, motivating & influencing others, and finding the right people to attain your business objectives.

My other grandfather, in my opinion, was one of the best salesmen. He built a company called Slushie from scratch and was everywhere around the province. If you went to the movie theater, you have probably drank one of his slushes! My father and my mother always worked in sales and taught me a lot about the art/science of selling. My mom worked at several companies, and my dad worked for Imperial Tobacco. He finished 1st salesman across Canada in many contests and was always in the top salesmen.

On top of that, all of my readings contributed to the content of my platform. I sometimes inspire myself from books, but the problem is they are written for the US market and here in Quebec, we do not sell like that. Those techniques are not made for Quebec, so we can’t use them; they won’t work as well here. So, the content inside the platform is really solid and is made for everyone. From the beginner in sales to the veteran, there’re always room for improvement.

Warren Buffet, who’s one of the richest people in the world, spends more than 40% of his time reading to learn new stuff on his market, on his field. We ALL have to read, listen, watch, and learn new stuff every day to become better. And even if we are the best in our industry, we MUST learn every day to stay the best. If not, we will finish as Blackberry or all of the other companies who “rested” on their success and failed after.

You started the company at a very young age, and have grown fast over the last few years. What was the motivation behind it?

The first motivation is my vision – I want to change how people look at salespeople. Often, the position carries with it negative connotations based on a lack of consumer trust. Hence, my vision is to change this perception. Second, I want to create not a just business, but a legacy where I can provide for my family, my future children, and all people will have security. Money may never buy you happiness, but not having money will not lead you to happiness, because you need money to survive. As Zig Ziglar said, “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen”.

I see money as a tool. Just like knives are tools. You can use a knife to kill people or you can use knife to prepare the best meal for your family. I want to help as many people as possible and I want to continue and implicate myself and charitable causes as I’m doing, since I’m very young. Money will help me impact more people positively.

Can you think of one thing that contributes to success and continuous growth of your company?

It is perseverance. In business or in life you will be knocked out. You will fall, you will lose, and just right when you think that it’s over, that you can’t handle more, something worse will happen and life will continue to punch you. Even when you are very wealthy and have a healthy family, there will always be something you cannot control. So you need to be positive and persevere against difficulties and challenges in your life. There’s always a solution.

And another thing which is crucial, in life or in business, this single thing, which is really simple, can change your future in a big way. Always have a solution mindset. People always see the problem, but successful people seek for solution. There will always be something in your life that will not work. Something will mess up, instead of excuses, seek for solutions. I read this quote and it impacted me a lot: “Losers always look for problems and successful people always look for solutions.” While you’re wondering about your problem and how bad the business, your life, the situation is, you’re not pro-actively seeking for a solution and losing precious time.

Do you have a mentor or influential person?

My first mentor, he’s not right now my mentor but he helped me a lot by showing me the right mentality for business success. He brought me love for entrepreneurship. When I was young, I thought I would go to the university, get a degree, work a full time 40 hour job, work towards my upper management position, and retire at 65. This life wasn’t made for me.  He opened my mind with some books that literally changed my life and the way I see it.

I have another mentor who has been helping me with my business. One of the things that I tend to do is doing too much at the same time. But you must have a Warren Buffett mindset – make a list of 15 different things that are important in your life and once you are finished, take the three most important ones, focus on them alone, and trash the rest. My mentor helps me with prioritizing and ensuring that I remain laser focused with my priorities.

One thing that I have learned from my first mentor is ‘you do not know – what you do not know.’ This is a “stupid” sentence, but it’s so true. I can read 300 page books seeking for one element that could benefit me, even if I already know a lot of that stuff because I know that each tip or technique that I learn, at the end of the years there’s a compounding effect, and this is where the great distances himself from the good.

Sometimes, if you want to be first in life, you need study, mentorship, and constantly being better (if not the best) at what you do. And even when you are first, you still need to continuously train yourself to be even better. Look at all the pros, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and all of the top athlete, they all have a coach and they all train DAILY. If you want to be the best, look at what the best do and act in the same way.

What initiatives are you currently working on?

I am working on a book that I am planning to release around the end of 2017 or early 2018. My sales training platform is a large investment and is for companies and people that are serious and committed about improving their sales skills. So I want to have something that costs no more than $30, so people can know me more, my mentality, and receive help without having them to spend thousands of dollars.

Any closing thoughts?

Whatever you want to do in life, write your goals on paper. I see a lot of people who want to be successful, get a promotion at their job, get healthy, earn a degree, etc., but they never really write them down. They ultimately lose sight of the goals they wanted to achieve all along. You have to write your goals down with definite dates and work every single day towards them.

And after – be accountable to yourself. Set big goals and fraction them over time so you see if you’re on the right track. I find it crazy. People use GPS to be sure they are going in the right direction and to be sure that they are on track to reach their goal, which is their final destination. But when it comes to the most important thing (which is your life), people don’t set goals and don’t track where they are with their goal. They let life go and they don’t plan, and sometimes it can lead to disaster.

My last word would be to always persevere, to be ready to tackle walls, to go out of your comfort zone, and keep learning. Seek for success daily and be hungry to succeed in whatever success means to you.


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