Success in Interior Design with Perla Lichi

Perla Lichi is one of the world’s renowned interior designers specializing in high end luxury interior design. With projects spanning the globe, Perla Lichi custom designs, manufactures and installs complete villas, estate homes and palaces. The services of Perla Lichi’s high end interior designers are requested by many wealthy and successful people. “We are known for our over-the-top, highly detailed classic design work, but we are also skilled at contemporary interiors. As professional interior designers we create any style the client wants.”

Tell us more about the history of Perla Lichi brand, how did it originate?

I was born in Mexico City and moved to Hollywood, Florida, with my family when I was in my early teen years. My family was in the jewelry business. They had a well-known jewelry store in Plantation, Florida, for many years. My first love was fashion design. But as I was about to graduate from high school, I entered an interior design contest at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and won first prize, which was a full tuition scholarship. I fell in love with interior design from the get-go and the rest, as they say, is history! Interior design is not just my passion, it’s my life. After twenty-five years in South Florida, things were slowing down. I started working in the Middle East and one thing led to another. Perla Lichi Gallery in Dubai is now well known throughout the GCC countries and beyond.

What design services Perla Lichi provide? How big is your team globally? 

Perla Lichi provides turnkey interior design services—from A to Z! We can create any style the client wants. We do single rooms or entire homes, whatever the client wants, we can provide.”  We have two showrooms now in Broward County (Coral Springs and a new one in Fort Lauderdale near the beach). We also have a full service showroom/office in Dubai. That one is called Perla Lichi Gallery.

What questions do you ask before you begin any design project? What information is most important? 

First we walk through to get a feeling for the space and take measurements. As designers, we tend to look at the space and are able to see it “naked” in our minds, without the décor and colors that are there at the moment. We take into consideration the practical space restraints and problems as well as the positive aspects, and we just know what works and what doesn’t. There is nothing more personal or more exciting than designing interiors for our clients, seeing the new spaces come to life, and most especially seeing the joy that this brings to their families and their lives. In short, we set the stage. Our clients then live the dream for years and years afterwards.

Do you follow design trends? What constitutes good design?

Clients today are looking for value, more than ever before. But design is very important to them. Yes, they want “the look” that only comes from having a professional designer, but they also want the best value. And they like to compare. My advice to them is that they should always compare apples to apples. You can get two cars, a Toyota or a Bentley. Both are cars. Both will take you where you want to go. But do you want basic transportation or go all out for a luxury car? A lot of people are not aware of that principle when it comes to home furnishings. In the end all of my clients want the same thing. And that is a comfortable, yet elegant and beautifully put together style that they can enjoy in health with their families. That is always the bottom line.”

 Every of your design projects is unique and different, where do you find creativity?

I have designed homes for people from all walks of life–from the regular business person to the royal prince and princess. And one thing of which I am certain is that every man and woman wants to be king and queen of their own castle. I find inspiration and new ideas in my frequent travel. Recent trips include Turkey, Honduras, South Africa, Paris, Madrid, London, and elsewhere. Born in Mexico, raised in South Florida, I am comfortable anywhere.

 Share with us one of your favorite design projects.  

It’s always the latest one, or the one I am working on at the moment. I really love them all! I do have to say that a recent project in Guyana took even me “over the top.” We designed the interiors for a gold producer who wanted his home to look regal. There is gold everywhere and the results are magnificent. A project like this doesn’t come along every day and when it does, and when we complete it, it always stands out in our minds.

Tell us more about Perla Lichi Institute?  

 This is an online survey course designed for people who want to understand more about the design process. It is also a good place for young people to start, those who are considering a career in interior design. It will give them a realistic feeling for the profession.

I had an honor of receiving the copy of your new “inspirations” book entitled Interior Design Inspirations From Cottages to Castles by Perla Lichi, tell our readers more about it?

 My newest book, Interior Design Inspirations From Cottages to Castles, showcases recent interior design work, starting with smaller, simpler homes and apartments and gradually moving into the grand scale villas and palaces for which we are well known. This is my sixth book. The over-size coffee table format really shows off the interior detailing. People tell me that my books always inspire them with ideas they can use in their own homes, be they small or large. The copy of the book can be requested by emailing us at

 What is the number one factor that contributes to success in the design industry? 

Happy clients, of course. Many have become great friends! I also attribute my success to extensive marketing, magazine features, TV interviews, trade shows, etc.

 What are the common prime factors to success beyond individual determination? 

This has been said many times before, but it is true. If you are lucky and find something that you love to do, then go after it 100 percent. You won’t mind the long hours that it takes to be successful. And, loving what you do will also give you confidence to take chances, because the ability to take calculated risks is also part of interior design or any business.

 Tell our readers more about your current initiatives and potential future projects. 

We are really most excited about opening a second showroom in East Fort Lauderdale, Perla Lichi Home. This showroom focuses on our modern design and is filled with contemporary art and accessories for many of our latest projects.

 Any closing thoughts.

It’s really important for me to know and understand my clients well before designing their homes. I get to know my clients’ likes and dislikes through conversation and spending quality time with them, and also through astrology and numerology. Both of these studies offer great insight into people’s psyches, how people really are and what their décor preferences will be.”

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