Revealing Secrets to Success with Pejman Ghadimi – Part I

Pejman Ghadimi is the author of the Third Circle Theory, a powerful concept which explains how some of today’s top visionaries are made. In his past 10 years, Pejman held multiple leadership roles at the vice president level for multiple Fortune 500s and has established several successful off-line businesses including Secret Consulting, and VIP Motoring. Since the age of 25, Pejman has been financially independent and dedicated the majority of his resources to bringing the Secret Entourage brand to life, a unique organization focusing on helping the motivation and improving the lives of young entrepreneurs globally.

What are your current initiatives in the works?

I am working on the Secret Entourage, a platform which shares entrepreneurial and business education with anyone that wants to learn; this organization focuses on bringing together the greatest minds around the world and having them share in our mission to bridge the gap between formal and self-education. There are many people around the world who do not have an access to good education. Our mission is providing free education across the globe to those who do not have resource access. We provide them alternative pathways to self-educate themselves and be even more successful in the real world because you learn from those who have succeeded in various industries across the real world.

What is behind the Third Circle Theory?

The idea behind the three circle theory is that you are born to a circumstance that the world revolves around you, you are limited in what you can see because of what you are taught to look at, so your vision is very obstructing and narrow-minded, particularly subject to your parental beliefs. Then, every time you look at something you are missing what’s behind you, however, you graduate the idea of circumstance and you realize that you are in control and society expands your mind through curiosity and knowledge. But again at any time you see ahead, you still miss about 75%, so even when you are very successful in the society, you are still not able to see what’s ahead of you because you are always the center of the equation. It is only when you are understand how small you are in the world and you remove yourself from the equation, that you can see the world for really what it is and then you can choose where you want to fit and what you want to do because you can see how it functions. You are no longer the victim of what you’ve been shown in the first or second circles. The key to success is to understand yourself enough to answer the question of how you fit in the world. Whenever you answer that, you become purposeful, and when you have purpose you become limitless, and when you become limitless, you become the best of what you can be and you find love, fulfillment and satisfaction beyond any money can offer you. That is the art of purpose.

On Secret Entourage you’ve mentioned that money does not define success, but rather the role we play in the world. Can you further elaborate on this?

Money is a component of life and success. There is no definition of how much money is enough money to be defined as successful. Someone can live a very good life making 300K a year and having a nice Ferrari and live in a beautiful house. Does it make this person successful? Society has created some rules of a constant race for money, which is why money is a factor I talk about in the Second Circle of the Third Circle Theory, which is about an idea of surviving within a society. The first circle is about the mastery of circumstance, the second circle is about the master of society and the third circle is about the mastery of life. What is important to understand is that money is not a component of life, it is a component of the society because society needs a measure to define who has what. There is no set parameter that says if you earn one million – you are successful in life. If you have learn to master your role within society, you are naturally going to succeed in the society.

To master your role in life, you have to be able to remove yourself from the center and really understand that the master of life is nothing to do with money, it has to do with overcoming fears. Fears are true to every human being and they create limitations. And if we are limited in life, then we do not act on the things we believe to be possible of. Those of us who master fears move through life faster no matter where they’ve started. The goal of Secret Entourage is to teach people how to master themselves and live without limitations rather than live in the world that is filled with restrictions and rules of what you can’t do because you’ve been told and rather stay open-minded and open your eyes to not what you’ve been told bur rather what you see and understand which is very difficult. Nothing in the world is true or not true, rather it is a perspective to what the society agreed to and became a norm. The concept of truth does not exist, it is subjective to opinions. My goal is to expose people to enough information, so they believe in an act of free will. When you feel purposeful, you can do a lot in life and push the limits of everything. It’s when you do not feel purposeful, you start to accept. So when you believe in your purpose, you find things and you do not see limitations anymore. It’s the idea of being purposeful that’s powerful because it removes limitations which is what we try to teach.

How can we locate and determine business opportunity?

If you understand the concepts highlighted in the book, it will help you understand yourself and what you are capable of. The book helps people to be aware and identify opportunities around them. The way people decide on good opportunity vs. another one is that they need to look at two things: they need to understand the real definition of a talent and the real definition of a passion. These are two different things that people often confuse. First of all, they confuse passion with love, so they think everything they love they are passionate about. Second, they confuse talent with a skill. You can be skilled at something, but not necessarily talented. Which is why understanding what talents you have and then understanding what you are really passionate about allows you then to start looking in the spear of how you can bring the two together and does the opportunity you’ve now identified fit in either your talent pool or your passion pool. If it falls into your talent pool, you could make a lot of money because you are really good at that. If it is in your passion pool, it could possibly fall into an entrepreneurial adventure.

How does the term of success mean to you?

Success is when ordinary people become extraordinary because they are filled with the purpose. It is the idea of being limitless that pushes boundaries and innovation in today’s world. In this world unless you show that you’ve mastered society, nobody listens to your ideas. The society always looks for people that are breaking the status quo only after they’ve mastered the ideas what others could not.

How do you overcome objections and mission failure?

Curiosity and education are the keys to these answers. Most people do not explore things outside of realm of their understanding of what they should explore, they are always told what to explore. Whether it is going to Google to find certain information, or Facebook to interact with people. Since we’ve been told, we assume that going to these directions will get us the answers we seek. And when we don’t, we look for alternative methods, as an example picking up the phone and calling to somebody to inquire about certain information. The way you find your answers is by understanding that you are looking in not the same places and by being curious and start looking in places where you have not looked. Leverage people and ask how they get answers. And do not ever assume that just because you are the most experienced person in the room, you’ve already looked at places where other people know where to look. Do not misunderstand the power of just curiosity; curiosity leads to knowledge. The more curious you are, the more apt you are to learn.


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