Three Success Questions with Phil Goldfarb, President & CEO of Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Philip Goldfarb brings decades of industrial hospitality experience to this iconic establishment, first opened in 1954. As CEO, Goldfarb oversees all aspects of the oceanfront property, managing over 50 businesses and a guest capacity of over 1,500 rooms. Furthermore, Goldfarb has been instrumental toward the $600-million capital investment into renovating the Fontainebleau, bringing a one-of-a-kind vacation experience to the property.

  1. Do you have core modus operandi?

My Teambleau approach is that the team comes first, then guests, and ultimately finance. It’s a reverse pyramid, I’m at the bottom and my team members are at the very top. You start with great people around you, understand what their hearts desire, and ensure you help them meet their life goals. It is important to be empathetic and a good listener.

There are over 100 applicants for every position no matter what the position is. Everyone wants to work at this hotel, and we are fortunate to pick and choose the very finest. In addition, we keep low turnover of employees, at 10-12% as compared to an industrial average of 50%.

  1. What are the unique challenges behind the Fontainebleau?

One of the biggest challenges at Fontainebleau is creating an environment for everyone: friends, families, businesses, celebrities. Every day Fontainebleau hosts various events, hosts VIP parties, welcomes celebrities, and creates an unforgettable entertainment environment for everyone to enjoy. One of our initiatives is to constantly reinvestment into our property and restaurants for constant brand renewal.

  1. Advice to the readers?

Do not listen to your parents and professors, look at yourself in a mirror and listen to your heart. Believe in yourself and follow your passion!

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